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Sabrett Beef Frankfurters
Q:How long can Sabrett Frankfurters be kept in the refrigerator?
We recommend using on or by the sell by date on the package.

Q:Are Sabrett Frankfurters fully cooked?
Yes, but we recommend always heating to an internal temperature of 160ยบ.

Q:Can Sabrett Frankfurters be frozen and for how long?
Yes, Sabrett Frankfurters can be frozen but for no more than two months to maintain their maximum flavor.

Q:The ingredient sorbitol is used in Sabrett Frankfurters as a sweetener, is it approved for diabetics?
Yes, sorbitol is approved for diabetic use in small doses.

Q:What types of Quality Control Measures are used at Sabrett?
All of Sabrett’s manufacturing plants implement the HACCP plan as required by the USDA. Critical areas are checked and inspected, cleaned and sanitized daily according to the HACCP plan. This plan requires all aspects of a food production operation. The raw materials, the process, the environment, personnel, storage and distribution are all factors that are considered.

Q:Are Sabrett Frankfurters Kosher?
Sabrett frankfurters are not Kosher.

Q:Are Sabrett Frankfurters wheat and gluten free?
Yes, Sabrett Frankfurters are wheat and gluten free.


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